is back…again!

Apologies for yet another hiatus, this time due to a few hundred hours spent re-creating the Species ID section yet again. My excitement with the WordPress plugin I used in the initial re-design of the Species ID section quickly fizzled after I realized that none of the images were discoverable in Google searches (or any other search engine), which was the primary way people find the site. I found another plugin that allowed for nested galleries, but I had to upload all the ID images one species at a time (!). It was tedious, and took several months, but Netflix helped me through it:) From this point forward I plan on publishing blog posts once every month or so, and also hope to provide updates of newly added species, other new images, and name changes on a more regular basis. There should be a flurry of new species additions and other new images in the coming weeks, now that I have a functional Species ID section. For your patience I’ve included with this brief post a recent shot of a beautiful sponge and a bright red bigeye taken at Gabgab II. Enjoy!