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Guam's reefs host over 5,000 known marine organisms? Over 1000 species of reef fish? Over 375 species of corals? Over 225 species of algae? Guam lies relatively close to the Indo-Pacific center of biodiversity, and for such a small island, possesses a wealth of marine habitats that allow for exceptional diversity. Explore this site to see images of these incredible organisms, and check back regularly as new images are added.
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Despite the important role that the reefs play in the lives of every resident of the island, Guam's reefs are under threat by human activity - from the harmful activities carried out on the island to the global impacts of climate change. Check out the reef tour and reef conservation sections for more information about the health of Guam's reefs, what's being done to help protect Guam's reefs, and how you can help.
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Guilded Triggerfish

The guilded triggerfish (Xanthichthyes auromarginatus) is a striking species not typically seen by snorkelers or divers in Guam's waters, as it is usually found along current-swept dropoffs at depths greater than 70 feet.  The individual pictured here was seen at Pati Pt., in Northeastern Guam.  The guilded triggerfish occurs in loose aggregations, hovering just off the bottom as they feed on zooplankton.

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